Insect Biology

Insect Biology (EBIO 326) Fall

This lecture course introduces students to the most abundant, diverse—and fascinating—organisms in the animal kingdom: the Insects. We will explore how insects work, how they have exploited more niches than any other macro-organism, and how insect diversity reveals adaptive solutions to challenges posed by abiotic and biotic environments. Guest lectures and field trips expose students to the various ways that insects are used in biological research and how they affect our everyday lives.

Students enrolled in Insect Biology blog about insects here.


“Favorite class of the semester! Small class size, with students that are willing to learn about insects, a chill instructor, informative lectures, engaging activities, an inviting atmosphere, and challenging exams and assignments. Highly recommend the class, even if it’s an 8am. Hopefully they move the time.” -Anonymous EBIO 326 student Fall 2015

 “Most impressive pedagogy in @‘s class? Writing on board while holding roaches in other hand” – @elizabethabarre