Q&A in Houston Chronicle

I was interviewed by The Houston Chronicle’s Kim McGuire about my book, Future Humans. Here is the transcript of our conversation: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/planet-texas/article/Rice-University-evolutionary-biologist-offers-10415347.php    

New article in Nautilus

Will colonizing Mars save our species– or set the stage for a new one? My latest piece in Nautilus explores how establishing permanent human settlements on Mars might affect the future of human evolution. http://nautil.us/issue/41/selection/the-martians-are-comingand-theyre-human/    

Public presentation on Nov 3 – TX Master Naturalists

I will be giving a presentation hosted by the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists in Rosenberg, TX on Nov 3. I’ll be speaking about the future of human evolution, the topic of my new book, Future Humans. The event is free and open to the public. http://txmn.org/coastal/event/at-chapter-meeting-the-future-of-human-evolution/  

Visit to Rice Pre-school

I recently made an appearance (in full tropical biologist attire) at Rice’s Center for Early Childhood Education as part of a unit in which the kids were learning about the Amazon rainforest. The kids were very excited to meet the scientist who had just returned from the jungle and needed their help identifying the many […]