Recent media coverage

I’ve been quoted in several recent articles and news stories… In a recent opinion piece for Medium, Neil Theise and Maureen Seaberg ask whether, when it comes to developing off-earth colonies, we have put the rocket before the proverbial horse. Mike Brown interviewed me for a widely cited piece in Inverse about how colonizing Mars […]

Guest Presentation at Kountze High School

Today I gave two guest presentations at Kountze High School, in the heart of the Big Thicket region of east Texas, about our research on local ants. The students enjoyed hearing about the ways in which ants– like people–have been struggling to rebuild after the devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. Thanks to […]

Field Research in Costa Rica

I recently returned from a field research trip to Costa Rica where I worked with a fantastic team of collaborators (including both physicists and biologists) at the University of Costa Rica to understand traffic flow in leafcutter anta. Here are few pictures from our time at La Selva Biological Station.  

Speaking at Texas State University

I had a great time visiting Texas State University in San Marcos last week, where I spoke as part of the Common Experience program. Despite the wet weather, there was a great turnout, with more than 250 students at the talk! I also got to visit with Dr. Julie¬†Westerlund’s graduate biology course, who had read […]

Media coverage of our research on ants after Harvey

There was a lot of coverage this week of the research Tom Miller, Sarah Bengston, and I are doing this year to investigate how severe flooding from Hurricane Harvey affected native and non-native ant communities in the Big Thicket region of east Texas. Months After Harvey, Another Flood: One Of Fire Ants