imageI am a biologist and science writer based in Houston, TX. I received my doctorate in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin where my research examined the evolutionary basis of biological diversity in the Amazon Basin. I have worked as a visiting researcher with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC and the Universidade Estadual Paulista in Rio Claro, Brazil. I currently teach ecology, evolutionary biology, and scientific communication as a Professor in the Practice at Rice University. I also speak and write about science for the general public. My writing and photography have appeared in publications such as Slate, Nautilus, and Wired.com and my first book, Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution will be published by Yale University Press in October, 2016. Along with my wife, Catharina, and our three children, I live at Baker College on the Rice campus where we are Resident Associates.